Members of the LUMC BioSemantics group

Barend Mons

Professor of BioSemantics and founder of the BioSemantics group at the LUMC. Next to his leading role in the research of the group, Barend plays a leading role in the international development of ‘data stewardship’ for biomedical data. For instance, he is head-of-node of Elixir-NL. Elixir is a pan-European project to develop and foster bioinformatics infrastructure across the member states. The focus of the contribution of the BioSemantics group is on developing an interoperability backbone for biomedical applications in general and rare disease in particular.

Marco Roos

Group leader of the LUMC BioSemantics group and senior scientist.┬áHe leads the research and development of knowledge discovery methods and their application for human genetics research and biomedical applications. His focus is on improving the practices of biomedical research by emerging approaches from the field of computer science, for instance to help understand the role of the genome and chromatin in disease such as Huntington’s Disease. With experience in workflow technology and Linked Data he advises on data integration approaches at the LUMC, and in the domain of Rare Disease research.

Kristina Hettne
Eleni Mina
Tareq Malas
Peter-Bram ‘t Hoen
Erik Schultes
Eelke van der Horst
Mark Thompson
Rajaram Kaliyaperumal
Kees Burger


Katy Wolstencroft (LIACS)
Erik van Mulligen (EMC Rotterdam)
Luiz Bonino (DTL)